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Four links every Friday, varying from the funny to the thoughtful, the entertaining to the useful.

Find the Others, Meowmania, Mixes and Mashups, and Sites for Learning New Skills

Find The Others
A webcomic about reaching out and being different…and finding those who are yearning for that as well.

Click your mouse around the screen to generate meowing cat faces; also, click and drag, or click and hold for more hilarious effects!

Mixes and Mashups
Hear crazily wonderful remixes of songs, or hear two or more songs put through a musical blender to create new songs! Lots of great stuff here.

Top 40 Useful Sites to Learn New Skills
HowStuffWorks, MakeUseOf, Hack A Day, and 37 other sites to help you teach yourself new skills!

Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Funny/Sweet Pics, ArchetypeMe, and Easy Food Tricks

Lateral Thinking Preconceptions Puzzles
These puzzles will literally shift your thinking…be ready for your brain cells to twist a little (in a good way!)

16 Heart-Touching Photos that are Worth Your Smile
Some of these will make you bust a gut (baby with a mustache pacifier, anyone?), and some of these will have you reaching for the Kleenex (like the Marine meeting his baby girl for the first time).

ArchetypeMe Quiz
What archetype is your personality? (I’m a Caregiver, Intellectual, and Creative, apparently. :D)

24 Incredibly Simple Ways to Make Your Food Taste Awesome
Grilling your PB&J, making breakfast Popsicles with yogurt, stuffing raspberries with chocolate chips, baking chickpeas for an “addictive snack,” and 20 other delicious food tricks!

Psychology Quizzes, Funny School Story,, and Online OCR Tool

BBC: Psychology Quizzes
Cool little surveys, covering everything from “how musical you are” to how the smells you find nostalgic relate to the decade you grew up in.

School Joke Story: “What Starts With F…”
Little Harry thinks he ought to be in the 3rd grade, so his teacher gives him a test. He aces the test just fine, but what about the principal who’s listening in? LOL
Beautiful concept: take a present-day picture in the same place as a past picture, matching up as many details as possible. Some are funny, some are quirky, and some are too poignant for words.

Free Online OCR
Use this tool to make pure text out of an image (it recognizes the text printed on an image).

Thought-Provoking Questions, Aurora Borealis Drink, Country Storefront, and Handy Music Sites

25 Beautifully-Illustrated Thought-Provoking Questions
Scroll through these 25 image questions and think hard about your answers!

Aurora Borealis Cocktail
Woww…I wouldn’t drink this, I’d just marvel at it!

Country Storefront, Gordonton, NC, 1939 (pic)
Very cool historical photo!

Top 10 Websites for You to Play Music According to Your Mood
Need appropriate music for moments in your life? These 10 websites can help you! Some are mobile-friendly and some are mainly desktop, but all are great fun to explore.

Social Perception Study, Funny Animals Face-to-Face, SoundCloud, and

Social Perception: A Study of Appearances
How do we honestly judge if someone is successful, friendly, or good? According to this study, we may judge by appearance far more than we’d like to admit…

Photography: Animals Face-to-Face
Funny and awesome up-close animal pics–some of these are just waiting for funny captions!

Find anything from indie music to podcasts and everything in between! (Plus, make your own account and upload your own sounds, whatever they might be!)
Make any web page print-friendly by feeding the URL through this handy little online tool.