Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Funny/Sweet Pics, ArchetypeMe, and Easy Food Tricks

Lateral Thinking Preconceptions Puzzles
These puzzles will literally shift your thinking…be ready for your brain cells to twist a little (in a good way!)

16 Heart-Touching Photos that are Worth Your Smile
Some of these will make you bust a gut (baby with a mustache pacifier, anyone?), and some of these will have you reaching for the Kleenex (like the Marine meeting his baby girl for the first time).

ArchetypeMe Quiz
What archetype is your personality? (I’m a Caregiver, Intellectual, and Creative, apparently. :D)

24 Incredibly Simple Ways to Make Your Food Taste Awesome
Grilling your PB&J, making breakfast Popsicles with yogurt, stuffing raspberries with chocolate chips, baking chickpeas for an “addictive snack,” and 20 other delicious food tricks!

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