Awesome 1-Mana Creatures, part 6: Artifacts

You might have thought the “Awesome 1-Mana Creature” series was over last week when I profiled Black, but it’s not! This week I’m profiling the few 1-mana Artifact creatures that are more than worth their salt (plus a few 0-mana Artifact creatures that just can’t be left off the list).

As always, if you know of a creature I missed, let me know in the comments! All card images came from

It’s a 1/1 for 1, and the +1/+1 can move to another artifact creature when it dies!
Build this 1-mana bad boy up over several turns (or less, if you’ve got a way to untap artifacts or creatures :D)
Handy for getting rid of that pesky card you never want coming back to haunt you in a game.
Because sometimes, you just gotta shuffle. (Refraining from obvious Party Rock Anthem joke)
Get your mana investment back when it goes to grave…nice!
This is a hilarious classic in one of my boyfriend’s decks–plays well with Soul Warden and the like, plus functions as “Annoying Blocker Extraordinaire.”
A wall with 2 power? It’ll probably kill most of the little things that run up toward it!
At worst, it’s an Ornithopter for 1 more mana. But pay a little mana into its ability, and it can become a 2/2!
Its battle cry ability, plus its ability to evade most things that would block it make this a good attack booster!
A personal favorite–a 0/4 blocker for 1 mana, and no color commitment!
1/1 for 1 colorless is already good, but the option to gain infect for 1 black mana is POWERFUL. Many artifacts can generate black mana when needed, so this creature doesn’t have to operate just in a Black deck.

And here are the awesome 0-mana Artifact creatures I referenced earlier:

A classic–a 0/2 flying blocker for no mana. WOOT!
A 0/3 blocker is always nice, and especially for no mana cost–it means your opponent has to waste time punching through it or dealing it direct damage!
And for sheer ridiculousness, how about a 0/6 wall for 0 mana? Sure, it gets -0/-1 counters on it when it blocks, but it’ll be around long enough to protect you!

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