A One-Verse Faith Pep Talk

Psalm 31:24
24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.

In this verse, the culmination of a buoyant psalm of praise to God, we see a final reminder: we Christians need to “be strong and take heart.”

Being strong, however, doesn’t mean never admitting our problems. Nor does it mean turning away from God and doing everything ourselves. In fact, “being strong” in God means looking pretty weak to the world–it means giving over control to God and relying on His strength, putting all our effort into faith that God will provide a way out of even the worst situations.

Once we become “strong” in this faith, then we will find it easier to “take heart”–to gain courage to face our life’s troubles, knowing that God is there with us riding out the storm. This verse reminds us that we can praise God and hope in Him because He is indeed capable to help us and faithful to do so (“mighty to save,” as the following song goes).

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