Things Zumba Dancers Think

Since I’ve been attending Zumba classes since June 2011, I’ve learned quite a bit about how much I think I can do versus how much I can actually do; I can actually do much more than I ever expected! Day by day I conquer the ailments in my feet and legs long enough to dance and have fun, and that’s the wonderful, inspirational, freeing side of Zumba.

…But Zumba would not be complete without hilarious fails and passing thoughts, either–humor makes Zumba fun, even as you wildly contemplate how long you can keep up with the instructor. Going along with the “S–t People Say” meme, here’s my take on what we Zumba dancers sometimes think while we’re moving:

  • Uh, yeah, I know how to do that move…sorta…kinda
  • I don’t think anybody saw me slip–I’ll pretend it was a new dance move 😀
  • …How do you even DO that???
  • Looking like a HOT MESS in this exercise room mirror right now…
  • I forgot I even had that muscle.
  • This is my JAM \m/ \m/
  • 30 more seconds…20 more seconds…I CAN MAKE IT
  • Ooh, ow, okay, definitely not stepping down that hard again!
  • My workout clothes should come with “Anti-Jiggle Technology” included…
  • If I had the energy of a toddler, I still couldn’t move that fast.
  • Oh, air conditioning grate, how I love you <3 yay, cold air
  • Have no idea what the singers in this song are saying, but it sounds great!
  • Step 1: Dance; Step 2: Pretend you look as awesome as the instructor while dancing.
  • Geez, how LONG is this SONG?! Seriously?!
  • This just in: sweat definitely stings eyes. Film at 11.
  • Whoops, hope that wasn’t anybody’s water bottle
  • Desperately trying not to look like a complete noob: 40% complete
  • I shook my rear so much I think it might fall off 😛
  • –Oh, wow, I just did that crazy hard move! I JUST DID THAT 😀 😀
  • That settles it, I think this instructor is a super-limber alien just pretending to be human. LOL

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