Wardrobe Purge: The Beginning

So I started cleaning out my wardrobe over the last couple of weeks…

And if you’re thinking this is the “before” picture, you’d be wrong. This is actually the “after” picture, with the wardrobe reduced by about half. Almost none of it fits in the dresser drawers (though, admittedly, this is the same dresser I used in childhood, so…it’s probably not really made for “adult-sized” clothes).

THESE are all the clothes I’m either selling, donating, or trashing. (I think about 60% of the clothes I have in my house fall into this category, lol!)

What I’ve Found Out So Far

  • I’ve kept a LOT of clothes I really didn’t need to.
  • And when I say “a lot,” I mean A LOT.
  • I kept some items hoping I would like them more as I wore them. …What? LOL
  • I kept other items hoping I would shrink back into them. Yeah…about that.
  • Some of my clothes have more memories than wears left in them.
  • My wardrobe has not really changed much in the last ten years. There have been additions here and there, but nothing deleted, and nothing vastly different from the stuff I already owned.

What Happens Now?

So now that I’ve sorted through quite a bit of my clothes, what’s next? I thought the project would be done and over with–I’d take bags upon bags of clothes to Goodwill, and that would be the end of it. But nooooo.

There’s Work Yet Left to Do! D:

  1. I have to find all the hidden caches of clothes throughout every room–there are quite a lot of these, as I moved home several times from college and had to find new places to stuff all the items that apparently replicated like bunnies in my dorm rooms
  2. I have to sort through my “keepable” clothes every week now, to see if there are any more items that could be put out (I’ve already found two shirts that I meant to put in the “donate” bags, LOL)
  3. I have to clean several of the “donate-able” shirts, since they have heavy anti-perspirant stains on them (which I wrote about a few weeks ago)

In short, I’ve got a lot of the “easy” work done (bagging up some of the clothes I no longer wear), but the harder work of making things donate-able, even as I winnow down the number of clothes I want to keep, is still ongoing.

Stay Tuned…

This fight against my wardrobe is not nearly over, and is only a small part of my long siege against the Clutter Dragon in my house (whom I wrote about last fall!). In my next update, I hope to have a good bit of these problems resolved!

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