The Pros and Cons of Straight Hair

There are quite a few blog articles out there about dealing with curly hair, but not a lot about straight hair, I’ve noticed. Most folks believe that curly hair is the harder type of hair to deal with, whereas straight hair seems “easier.” As an owner of straight hair, I believe I may be able to set the record straight (hee hee) about how it is to live with straight hair (and to love it, in fact!).

A Little Background, Please

I’ve had stick-straight, fine hair my entire life, and up until a few years ago, I despaired of being able to do anything with it. With my oval face shape and curvier body size, big, glossy, voluminous curls looks REALLY great on me…BUT they take many hours and lots of product to achieve. (And even then, the curls aren’t guaranteed to stay. See: prom night, when I let down my sponge-rollers after 17 hours of letting my mousse- and gel-soaked hair dry in them…and promptly saw that hard-won curl relax into straightness again. Much ARGH.) And what about the Great Brillo-Pad Spiral Perm of 1991? Let’s just not go there. :S

But a few years ago, I realized that even though I didn’t have the big amazing curls I thought I wanted, I did have something quite lovely in its own regard; straight, shiny hair.

This is how my hair dries naturally, with no product in it at all–glossy, smooth, and straight. For years I bemoaned the fact that I could do nothing “cool” with my hair…not realizing that this style was “cool” in and of itself. There are curly-haired girls who get up extra-early every morning and work for two solid hours to get their hair to look like this (much to my surprise!).

I’ve generally kept my hair long and center-parted like this, and so I’ve ended up with a head of fairly easy-care hair, quite by accident. Many women cannot say that; they continue to fight their natural texture every day, as I did for several years. I suppose the big difference is that I finally got tired of fighting my hair texture and decided to run with it instead.

So, without further ado, I present to you “The Pros and Cons of Straight Hair;” straight-haired girls will probably nod and laugh, and curly-haired girls may just sit and wonder at how the “other half” lives. LOL

Pros of Straight Hair Cons of Straight Hair
  • No need for frizz serums
  • Very, VERY shiny 😀
  • Looks tidy and sleek without much effort
  • Smooths down flat to your head for sophisticated updos
  • Braids easily
  • A little easier to detangle (note, I said “a little”)
  • Easy to part
  • Things wash out of it easily (shampoo, peanut butter, marinara sauce…hey, I have long hair that likes to dip itself in food occasionally)
  • Strong, doesn’t break off easily
  • Want volume? Really? Seriously? Uh, NO.
  • Barrettes, clips, and bobby pins slide right out of your hair if they aren’t glued in or cemented in with hairspray (NOT kidding)
  • Shows greasy roots/excess hair product very easily
  • “Bedhead” texture = not cute with straight hair. More like “strung-out-on-something” texture.
  • Hair elastics must be wrapped around the hair 3 or 4 times for it to hold the hair firmly enough
  • Curling your straight hair? Don’t bother if your hair is longer than shoulder-length; the sheer weight of your hair will drag the curl right out in MINUTES.
  • Hairspray turns straight hair into an unmoving mass, like a frozen curtain
  • Any clip or barrette that has been put into your hair runs the risk of leaving a very noticeable “dent” in your hair when it’s taken out (very unflattering)

What do you think? Have I hit the nail on the head (or the hair)? 😛 Let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Straight Hair”

  1. Yes! This is my life! I really really want curls amnd work like a demon only for them to fall out before I leave the house… And the beachy wavy look? Not a chance. It’s soooo sad… That being said, straight hair is very fashionable so one can’t complain too much (except I want curls!!) ?

  2. I know what you mean–every time I think “darn my hair, I want curls,” I try to remember all the curly-haired girls who have to struggle for hours with straighteners to get their hair to look like mine. Big ol’ case of “the grass is greener,” LOL 😀

  3. Girls with curly hair don’t struggle that much with straighteners and stuff (2 Hours?) I have (very long) natural curly hair and in the case I wanted straight just take me 15 – 20 mins. just in case I wanted to, I usually just let my curls be lol

  4. That’s great that you don’t struggle much with your curly hair! I knew many girls in middle and high school who would have killed for the ability to do their hair in 15-20 minutes; they had much tighter curls and thicker hair, though, so hair thickness and curl texture might have something to do with it. But yes, their reports of spending 2 hours straightening were accurate–I witnessed one such straightening-a-thon myself the morning after a sleepover. It was then I began to realize how blessed I was with my straight limp hair! xD

  5. I am African Anerican so I wish DEEPLY for straight hair. I can’t just go out with my hair because it is always frizzy and wild. My hair has TOO much volume. The roots are even worse. Everyday I want to shave all my hair off and be bald! And combs for kinky hair?! NIGHTMARE!!!

  6. I have curly hair and I’m dying for straight hair all the cons Ido about because my hair does nothing and it frizzed to much. I wish I had hair like u. My hair takes at the least and hour and a half???I struggle hard. My mom got me stuff to perm my hair but……. She has to talk to my dad and he loves my curly hair?

  7. I have a good friend with very similar hair to yours! She has the hardest time with styling it :/ But I’ve seen that many curly-haired girls have adopted co-washing (washing with conditioner) to keep their curls from frizzing out quite so much…I wonder if that could work for you?

  8. I am in love with straight hair. I hate my curly hair. Why can’t we have what we want? I have so much heat damage because I straighten my hair so much.

  9. You haver nice long hair in a great condition by the looks of it! I use a hair straightening brush and absolutely love it for styling my strands to be straight like yours. 😉 This is where I found my tool if anyone here is interested.

  10. My hairs are just like you but its nit smaller and when u have such hair then some girls are like which product u use to get such hairs

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