My Favorite Clix, part 8: Checkmate Knight (White)

At only 29 points and 3 clicks of life, this little Clix figure may not seem very impressive at all. But ever since she was printed, I’ve found myself using her on many of my teams, and being very glad I did; she’s not just for ranged teams, but for any sort of team, as you’ll soon see!

Checkmate Knight (White), #007 out of Brave and the Bold. Image Credit:

The first thing that drew me to this figure was the low point cost in exchange for all that you get. 29 points, for a 9 attack, 2 damage, 8 range character? Not bad! These are not godlike stats, of course, but they’re fairly good, given the cheap point total. You don’t usually find these kinds of numbers under 30 points.

But combine the fair-quality stats with the powers she’s given, and you suddenly have a much more useful figure. Enhancement first click, and Outwit for two clicks more–it’s worth pushing her once if you absolutely need an Outwitter, and if you don’t, the Enhancement helps your other ranged pieces do more damage. Her Super Senses on defense do shield her from some harm, as well (though don’t rely solely on that; best to play her carefully, positioning her fairly far back since she’s got 8 range).

Sure, her defense values of 16 and 15 are a little low for tournaments these days, but these too can be worked around. You can play her as strictly an Enhancement piece, hidden in the middle of a group of shooters, and she’ll never see battle herself…or, you can position her beside a Defend piece that has a higher defense so that she gets a little extra protection. Either way, played right, she can help several of your other figures do more damage at range.

And, if you need her as an Outwitter, her 8 move will help her move more easily around the map for clear lines of sight (and she keeps 8 move for all her 3 clicks of life). That is very handy, I can tell you right now. Not only that, it’s fairly easy for a Medic to heal her, if you need to have her back on Enhancement. In fact, the only way this piece won’t work for your team is if you try to make her a first-string attacker; she’s much better off Enhancing or Outwitting from the mid- to back-field.

My Personal Recommendations

If you run a lot of ranged teams and need a little more damage output, or if you’re in need of a fairly cheap Outwit piece, Checkmate Knight White could be your best solution. With her low point cost, she’s fairly easy to fit into a team build, and her Enhancement/Outwit combo makes her versatile and useful for just about any team.

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