My Favorite Clix, part 5: Vet Cheetah and Vet Mockingbird

Today, I’m profiling two Clix pieces instead of one, because in most if not all of my games, I play this Cheetah and this Mockingbird together. As two powerful but differently-styled close-combat pieces, they complement each other quite well.

Vet Mockingbird

Veteran Mockingbird, #018 out of Sinister. Image credit:

Keeping in mind that Vet Mockingbird was printed in the mid-2000s, when HeroClix numbers were all traditionally a little lower, she’s an amazing mobile close-combat piece, great for tying opponents’ figures down for a few turns while being able to Leap/Climb away at her leisure. Her 19 defense up close, courtesy of Combat Reflexes plus a natural 17, makes her infuriatingly hard to hit, and the 2 damage with Close Combat Expert can even break through Invulnerability and Impervious.

Her Flurry clicks mid-dial aren’t bad, either (though you won’t break Invulnerability without a Perplex). And her back-dial Leap/Climb helps you get her back to a Medic for a quick heal, which is more likely to happen given her 14 defense last click. Add to all this her free-move Team Ability (Avengers) and her 2 range with double targets, and you have a surprisingly versatile figure for only 34 points.

Vet Cheetah

Veteran Cheetah, #018 out of Icons. Image credit:

Where Mockingbird has mobility and versatility, Cheetah has brute force attack and damage. Charging for 5 spaces and using an 11 attack to deal possibly 6 damage with Blades? It’s awesome, and it has happened in my games before. And if she gets hit for 2 damage off top click (which is entirely likely, given that she’s charging into the fray), she can Leap/Climb for 10 spaces, getting her well out of the fight and possibly even back to a Medic.

That Battle Fury on every click used to be only a hindrance, keeping her from being carried and making ranged attacks. Now it helps her avoid being Mind-Controlled as well as ignoring opponents’ Shapechange, which keeps her from being stuck beside an enemy piece, unable to attack. Though she has no team ability and a defense that steadily lowers, her mid-dial attack spike back up to 11 helps offset that. All of this for 55 points, which is rare!

Why I Play Them Together

Ever since I first started playing, pretty much, I’ve had Vet Cheetah and Vet Mockingbird in my collection, and I’ve generally played them together for most of the games. They cover each other’s flaws well; Mockingbird’s lower attack is covered by Cheetah’s higher attack, while Cheetah’s tendency to get locked in place early on is covered by Mockingbird’s generally higher mobility. If you have them attacking the same target on alternating turns, you quickly have a KOed target. And if one of them needs to get away from battle for a heal, the other one can usually take over combat for a little while, thanks to them both having Leap/Climb for much of their dials.

I have tried to play them separately, but I usually find my way back to using them together on the same team. They are both fairly cheap close-combat characters, making them easy to fit onto a team build (together they are only 89 points–a bargain considering all the functionality you get). And somehow, it just makes sense for the two of them to play together, despite not being in the same comics universe. 😀

My Personal Recommendation

If you need a cheap but powerful close-combat character with high attack and damage, you’ll want Vet Cheetah as part of your collection. With a longer dial and higher attack than most pieces of her point cost, she’ll survive longer and even take out higher-cost/higher-strength pieces while she’s surviving. (Trust me on this–I used Vet Cheetah to take out Vet Icons Supes once. It was FUNNY. :D)

However, if you need a cheap, highly mobile tie-up piece who deals surprising damage and is harder to catch than a buttered eel, Vet Mockingbird will serve you well. She doesn’t survive quite as long as Cheetah in intense battle, but then again, with that Leap/Climb, she doesn’t have to stay in battle if she doesn’t want to. 🙂

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