Why, Yes, That IS So True: Slices of Life in Animated GIF Form

If you’ve never been to That’s So True, you’re missing out on countless chances to LOL. Using animated GIFs of scenes from movies, TV shows, and Internet comics, submitters to the site tell their own funny stories–and believe me, there are quite a few gems to find!

Below are some of my selected favorites from That’s So True, simply reformatted for my blog. Enjoy!

I Identify with the Second GIF xD

when i’m cleaning
with music Icon
without it Icon

I Used to Live in Fear of These Moments…LOL

telling my parents something funny Icon
then they take it seriously Icon
and turn it into a life lesson Icon
and you just sit there like… Icon

True, Especially When It’s Too Hot to Move

What you think you’re gonna do during summer Icon
what you actually do Icon

Graduation at Various Levels of School

elementary school Icon
middle school Icon
high school Icon
college Icon

What always happens at Olive Garden

Super full from the all-you-can eat breadsticks and salad Icon
waitress comes with your entrée Icon

…This Face is Usually Accompanied With a Gasp and “…No!”

when your favorite character dies in a book Icon

This Happens to Me EVERY. TIME.

start to clean your room Icon
but then you find somthing you loved as a kid Icon
3 hours later Icon

Have I Ever Mentioned How Much I Hate Auto-Playing Sound? xD

Have a million tabs open on your computer Icon
mysterious music/ad starts playing Icon
scrambling to find source of sound Icon

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