Don’t See God Working? Where Are You Looking?

Psalm 92:5-6
5 How great are your works, O Lord, how profound your thoughts! 6 The senseless man does not know, fools do not understand.

God is everywhere, at all times. God is with us even when we can’t feel Him near. So why do some people believe He doesn’t exist?

How can a Good God Let Bad Things Happen?

People often wonder, “if there’s a God, why does He cause bad things to happen?” They are not caused by God, because God does not do evil. But sometimes He allows things to happen to us because they are teachable moments.

Tragedy as well as gaiety shape us into the people we are supposed to become, over time. The car accident that shattered your leg may well have taken you out of a successful sports career, but if that had never happened, would you have met the lifelong friend you made in the hospital, who directed you to a new career which you found utterly more fulfilling? Being fired from that well-paying but high-stress job may leave you near poverty for several months, but if you hadn’t left it when you did, you might have died from the stress, and God still has a purpose for you elsewhere.

God Does Grand Works, Works We Can’t Even Fathom

As this verse says, God is always working, and His works are truly great in scale. He has aligned everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–in perfect sync. You might be a few minutes late to a party and be angry at the slow-moving traffic ahead of you, only to arrive on the scene of an accident, which, if you would have been on time, would have involved you. (This happened to me last winter; I’m shaking still thinking about it.) Your family members’ bickering may reach a fever pitch at your house for the holidays, only to reveal that there is some long-held bitterness and resentment, which has never been expressed…and it leads to full reconciliation within days.

No matter where we look, God is in control, in ways we don’t even imagine. The flows of traffic, just like the flows of rivers, are managed by His hand; even our own personal losses, inflicted by others, can be and are used by God to help us grow as people, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. My huge, overwhelming failure as a teacher shaped my life with its tragedy; I thought I would never recover from the severe depression that very nearly ate my whole personality. And yet, God used that to show me that there was a better place I fit in His plan–that He meant me to serve in another career.

If we choose not to see God working, how He places us in people’s lives just when they need our particular skills, and places others in our lives when we have lost our way, then we are truly “senseless,” and “fools,” as the verse says. Not to say we all aren’t fools sometimes; many is the time I have only felt God’s works after I realized how much worse off I could have been. We just have to be willing to look around and admit God’s presence–it’s not just “coincidence,” not “fate” or “destiny,” but GOD, bringing us to new positive experiences and using the trials we face to teach us how to depend on Him.

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