Bride Hair Dresser Game

As one of the only good, true hairdressing games I’ve ever played, Bride Hair Dresser stands out. I was so distressed when the site I had been playing it on apparently closed down, taking this game with it–so I was very happy to find a mirror copy on another site.

Let me take you through it and show you all the imaginative fun you can have with this great Flash game. (Also, it doubles as a way to plan and play with your own wedding hairstyle without having to set foot in a salon first. Woot!)

Basic Gameplay

You start out with a virtual model with long hair, which you can style in thousands of different ways.

Off to the right is your hairstyling stand, with all the tools of the trade at your disposal.

The scissors cut one lock at a time at predetermined lengths; the curlers create spiraled ringlet curls on each lock. The pink bobby pins create a neat topknot-style bun (click multiple times to get more of the hair included into the bun), while the multicolored clips create a messier bun look (again, click multiple times to include more hair in the bun).

The sparkle spray gives a swirling array of glitter all around the model’s head; the dryer blasts the sparkle spray away if you don’t like it. The brush is a complete “Undo” button, taking you back to the default look, and the flatiron gets rid of curls, pins, and clips (but not sparkles, or the cuts you made to the hair).

Lastly, the bottles of color at the bottom of your hairstyling stand lend your model totally different looks–from vampy dark to cotton-candy pink! (By the way, the orange bottle on far right is the default color.)

Simple Styling

You can curl all her hair (including the bangs) with the curlers…

Or you can put it all up into a topknot bun with the bobby pins…

…or even style it all into a messy bun with the clips.

And yes, you can even cut most of her hair off into this pixie-ish ‘do if you like!

Combining Two or More Styling Tools

You can put the four outermost locks into a bun, cut the two remaining locks shorter, and then curl them, for a tidy and perfect look…

…or you can go crazy and curl that short pixie style into this mess of curls…(this look is so much fun!)

…and even combine clips and curls for this more organic look.

Examples of Color

Deep brown, a little shorter, curled and darkly sparkly! (The sparkles come out as different colors depending on the color of the hair.)

Bright green with teal sparkles sets off a neat bobby-pin bun and tiny ringlets curled just behind the ears.

Cutesy purple (sparkly) hair and messy bun, with long curls at the front added for an extra touch of glam.

And Don’t Forget Accessories!

This white/yellow flower veil works well for most “down” hairstyles, but not topknots or messy buns ’cause it gets in the way.

This veil doesn’t get in the way of the higher hairstyles, and it seems to work well for just about every type of style you can create (though it won’t go with every hair color…)

Truly an accessory that works with all the various heights and colors of hair you can get.

This works best with “down” styles as well…and something that isn’t bright green or neon yellow. LOL!

Pretty silverish pearls… ^_^

Silver drop-style jewelry…very delicate!

And to echo the bouquet, flower earrings and a necklace. 🙂

A Mini-Lookbook

Pretty in cotton-candy pink ringlet curls and matching pink veil.

Multi-level teal curls with a tidy bun and white-flowered veil.

Messy red bun with short choppy layers below, and only a bit of flowery jewelry.

Play the Game:

Bride Hair Dresser

(P.S. Happy birthday to me! ^_^)

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