Quit Wailing and Listen, Politicians!

Know how horribly broken our political system is these days? It’s so broken that it took only 30 seconds of trying to watch two party representatives “discuss the issues” on Meet the Press before I turned off the TV in disgust.

The National Symptom of an Underlying Political Illness

On this particular show, the host of Meet the Press had invited a Republican and a Democrat to talk over the issues facing the United States Congress, and they appeared on the show via split-screen. When the host asked a question, I prepared myself to hear first one side of the debate and then the other. That was definitely not what I got.

In the 30 seconds before I turned the TV off, both party members began to talk over each other, as if the other person wasn’t even there. Not only that, but they would only let each other talk only for a few seconds before jumping in with a rebuttal.

It was clear, as I watched both their faces, that they were not at all listening to what the other person had to say, but were each waiting for their next opportunity to strike a verbal blow for “their party.” It absolutely sickened me. All I could hear were two babies wailing at each other about who to blame for this newest crisis–there wasn’t a word said about what these two people, or the parties they represented, planned to DO about fixing it.

The “Blame Game” Needs to STOP

I’d say I speak for most Americans when I say that I am utterly weary of this back-and-forth blame game between our two dominant parties. When people from both sides gather to “discuss the issues,” we’d like to HEAR YOU DISCUSS THE ISSUES. We don’t need to hear an argument over which party is at fault, nor do we need political double-talk that means nothing; we need a mature, compromise-based approach if anything is ever to be solved.

Politicians on BOTH sides, please hear us. As long as y’all keep acting like toddlers in the throes of the Terrible Twos, most of the general public won’t want to bother with you. We want to know what you’re going to do about what’s happening to us. We also want you to work with each other–didn’t your kindergarten teachers ever grade you on “playing well with others?”

Neither party apparently has all the answers, so the best thing to do, it would seem, is to drop the petty squabbling and seek common ground. Let’s at least TRY to get hold of this nation before it completes its swirling journey down the toilet.

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