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The Question: 37 Points of Unquestionable Good

If you’re looking for Outwit and Perplex at a cheap point cost, and you’ve not already running this figure, you, my friend, need to know about The Question.

thequestion_fig thequestion_dial

Hard to believe this figure is 37 points, isn’t it? With all her standard powers, she’s a fine second-string ranged attacker as is; 6 range and 10 attack with Stealth and Willpower on first click is awesome for her point cost, and even as she goes down the dial, she maintains her usefulness, adding Close Combat Expert, Energy Explosion, and Combat Reflexes (for a defense boost!). But it’s her special power on damage that really makes her shine.

thequestion_card2 “Ask the Question” is, in a word, powerful. Not only can she Outwit when needed, but if she’s needed to reduce the effectiveness of an opposing character, she can do that too. That doesn’t sound like much, perhaps, but in the middle of battle where 1 less defense or damage can make a big difference, you will soon see how much that ability matters!

This is the reason I have two Questions in my Clix collection, and the reason why she gets played with some regularity–she’s not only a good tactical figure, she can play a little offense as well. Always nice to have a pinch-hitter if one of your other figures unexpectedly bites the dust!

thequestion_card1 As for keywords, she’s a definite boon to Detective keyword teams, as well as to Gotham City (though one can argue that there’s already plenty of Outwit available on Gotham City’s keyword). I also like that she’s Martial Artist; it gives the keyword one more tactical piece, which they can definitely make use of!

So if you’ve found yourself with 37 points open and a need for cheap offense and tactics, grab yourself a Question and start a game. You’ll definitely be glad you did!