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Untranslations, Flying Puzzle, Paraprosdokians, and FlashFace

20 Awesomely Untranslatable Words from Around the World
Some things ARE lost in translation…often hilariously lost. LOL

Try to put together this puzzle by dragging the pieces around. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, until you realize that the skydiver in the picture MOVES AROUND! (Great challenge for puzzle-lovers!)

Some Funny Paraprosdokians
Paraprosdokians are sentences that you think are going to go one way, and then go in a completely different (and awesome) direction. Click and laugh!

Make any kind of face you want with this flash generator–click and drag the sketched face parts till you get a face you like!

Celebs With Mental Issues, Dots, Paper Pop-Ups, and Help for Packing


Celebrities with Mental Illnesses: Slideshow
Does celebrity make illness, or does illness make celebrity? Here’s an interesting list of popular celebs with mental illnesses–you make the call.

Connect the dots to make more enclosed boxes than the computer. (I am no good at this, but then again I never was any good at logic and strategy! LOL)

Paper Pop-Ups
Make cute and cool paper pop-ups from these simple printable diagrams!

Universal Packing List
Always have trouble figuring out what to pack for trips? Let this nifty little generator help you out.

Dance to Get Smarter, PacXon, Funny Haiku Shirt, and ArtPad

Study: Dancing Makes You Smarter
Apparently, people can dance to keep their minds active. Now you have an excuse to boogie down wherever! 😀

Not the pure Pacman ripoff it first looks like. Lock the familiar ghosts in a smaller and smaller space to win, but don’t let them touch you or your line while you’re crossing their space!

Funny Haiku Shirt (Threadless)
Haikus can be fun
And even appear on shirts
Snicker-worthy woot

Bring out your artistic side with this interactive painting site, which also allows others to see your painting process when you save and send it! Microsoft Paint bows down and is not worthy.

World Wonders, Knoword, Funny Daily Life Cycle, and Their Circular Life

All World Wonders
All the world’s wonders–there’s not just 7!

You are given the definition of a word, and you’re supposed to come up with the word it’s describing. Harder than it seems at first, but very well designed!

Daily Life (pic)
Funny “day in the life” cycle of a normal person, by Connor of DrawingBoardComic.

Their Circular Life
See six different locations at all times of day (becoming an observer!).

Body Facts, Air Typer, Strange Carolers, and Virtual Flowers

100 Very Cool Facts About the Human Body
Interesting facts about the human body.

Air Typer
Type the words on the balloons to avoid them. Don’t take too long to type, otherwise you’ll fall out of the sky!

A Strange Caroling Group
This strange bunch of carolers was photographed in the act! :O

Send a bunch of virtual flowers to anybody’s email, with a personal message if you wish. Lot cheaper than a florist!

Tools for Teachers, Jedi Trainer, Sleeping Cats, and DayOfBirth

20 Awesome Web Tools for Teachers and Professors
A list of websites you can use to improve your teaching, at whatever level you teach!

Jedi Trainer
Use your mouse to swing a lightsaber and defeat the little floating balls before they shoot you to death!

Cats Sleeping in Really Awkward Positions
How did they even fall asleep like this?!

Find out interesting info about the day you were born. Not only the usual facts (how old you are in seconds), but links to even more information (like History Channel-esque stuff!)

Self-Actualization, Phit, Rock-Paper-Scissors Comic, and Earth in Real Time

Famous psychology professor Abraham Maslow developed these thoughtful principles–read through and discover!

Fit all the Tetris-like pieces within the yellow area to advance to the next level. Much harder than it looks, kind of like parallel parking 😛

Stop Fiiiiiightiiiiing
Any description I give of this one-panel comic destroys its off-the-wall humor–you just have to see it. LOL

See a Flash visualization of births, deaths, CO2 emissions, and much more!

Dunning-Kruger Effect, Winterbells, Smart Fridge, and Design Seeds

Dunning-Kruger Effect
The psychology behind stupid people thinking they’re awesome and smart people being consumed with self-doubt. Never knew that one of modern society’s charming little quirks had a formally-acknowledged scientific name.

A fun winter-themed game–harder than you think to steer this cute little bunny across the snowy white bells descending through the air!

Smart Fridge is Your New Recipe Card
This fridge helps you cook! Input what you got at the grocery store, and it helps you combine what you have into an awesome meal. Where was this when I was in college?!

Design Seeds
Having trouble finding a palette of colors to use? Browse through these posts and get inspired!

What to Read Next, Creative Desktops, Life as We Experience It, and How to Treat Others

5 Lessons in How to Treat Others
Interesting philosophical points about how to treat other people better.

Monstrous Discrepancies
How life feels to us, versus how it actually is. Cute and funny comic!

Wall Arrangement
Fun image of someone’s creative desktop. Wish I’d thought of this!

Don’t know what to read next (like me)? Generate a list of new books you can read based off the reviews of a book you really like. Like iTunes Genius, but for books!

Rare Books, Drum Flash, Being Kinda Productive, and ASCII Generator


A reference site that features photographs of each page of rare books–works by Shakespeare, Ben Franklin, Redoute, Galileo, and more!

Drum Machine Flash
Really neat Japanese-inspired drum visualization!

29 Semi-productive Things I Do Online
Bored online and trying to avoid “real” work? Here are some interesting ideas so that you don’t keep hitting the Home button on Facebook 30,000 times.

ASCII Generator
For cool-looking forum signatures, emails, and more!