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Little Fixes and Big Fixes

I finally added the “Welcome” and “Home” links to the top-right navigation…I’d had the Welcome page ready for months, but just forgot to link to it, and the “Home” link was an oversight. At least it’s fixed now!

For the future of my blog, I’m considering just making one post visible on the opening page, and then allowing visitors to scroll somehow through the past week of posts. Also, I’d like a little About Me blurb on the side. But, until I figure out how to do all that, I’m going to let the sidebar alone. No need in poking the sleeping dragon just yet.

Also, in life news, I’m facing having my wisdom teeth removed…not looking forward to that. But it’s a “big fix” that needs to happen, otherwise I’ll be having trouble eating and talking without pain for the rest of my life. :/

Warning: Laptopless Week Ahead

Due to an unfortunate accident involving my laptop and a violent meeting with the floor, the blog posts this week will be a little less quality than usual. My faithful little buddy is currently in transit to the fix-up place, so I’m having to bum computer time off family and friends until it returns home. At least it was only the LCD screen that was damaged–I lost no data! (In fact, it kept its screen working for five minutes when we arrived at the computer “emergency room,” but could not keep up the charade for long. Its graphics card, RAM, and hard drive appear to have suffered no damage at all.)

Also, once my laptop is fixed, I would like to implement a couple of changes to the layout, but I’m leery of changing anything because it seems every time I change something, the whole site goes bonkers and I get a page full of errors. Maybe some more study on WP coding would do me well, even though all the changes I’ve tried to implement before were so-called “valid code.” *sigh* WordPress, why must you be so difficult to understand?

Coming Up: “Glassics” Week!

To celebrate the summer (and give myself a week off from new posts), I’m introducing a week of posts known collectively as “Glassics”, or “Crooked Glasses Classics”. On Monday, there will be a review of all the web design posts I’ve done to date; on Tuesday, a review of all the commentary and philosophy posts I’ve done, and so on through Saturday.

I’m doing this not only for my own reference, but to re-expose new readers to some of my older posts, so that they can read and enjoy. I’ll also be going back through the older posts and updating them with pictures/illustrations and other media, since I now know how to incorporate such items into WordPress. (Some posts will also get some rewrites as necessary to be more informative and complete.)

I’m looking forward to Glassics Week–I hope you’ll stay tuned tomorrow for the Web Design Glassics!

Comments Fixed, AddThis Added!

So, after much ado, I finally got the comments to work on my blog! Just in time for me to get super-spammed. Sigh. Oh well, at least the comments do work now! 😀

Also, I have added the AddThis plugin to my blog, making it possible to “Like” my posts on Facebook, Tweet them, or share them on a variety of other services. I’m excited about this plugin, and I hope it’ll work well for the blog, making it more interactive and usable. 🙂

TL;DR: WOOT for fixing stuff on my blog! 😀 😀