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I'm a woman in my early thirties living in North Carolina, USA, and I have a lot of varied interests; I love creative writing, music composition, web design, surfing the Internet, thinking out loud, and gaming. And yes, my glasses are crooked. :)

Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Surviving Zombies, Fun Photos, and SweetRelish

Lateral Thinking Puzzles
Can you figure out why these situations happen? Strrrrrretch your brain cells!

DoghouseDiaries: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
It apparently all revolves around a giant, Plexiglas hamster ball…LOL

Fun Photos
Amazingly strange pictures, ranging from the natural to the man-made. (That one of the highest set of carousel swings in the world made me gulp!)

Find new products and brands to check out by using this unusual search engine.

Bestselling Books, Cockatoo Loves Chocolate, A Walk in the Park, and Reaction GIFs

CSMonitor: Bestselling Books for 2/21/13
Cool, a weekly list of bestselling books! (Great thing about this one? A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson is on this list!)

The Cockatoo and the Chocolate Fountain (pic)
This cockatoo REALLY loves chocolate!

A Walk in the Park (game)
Control this cute little dog as he pulls his master along in a wheelchair for what is decidedly not your average walk in the park. 😀

Imgur: Reaction GIF Archive
(warning, some NSFW language) Huge library of reaction GIFs for use all over the web…just download and upload where you need to use it!