My Favorite 2014 Clix Rulings Change

After catching sight of the 2014 Rules thread on HCRealms, I scanned through it, and I found something amazing.

Rule Book, p.20-21: The Relic Roll is no longer once per game per character.

COMMENCE THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS! 😀 The old version of the rule had kept me from playing the Relics, essentially, because I am notoriously horrible with single-die rolls (not sure why). Shapechange, Leadership, and especially Super Senses are once-in-a-blue-moon wins for me, so I merely glossed over the Relics, thinking, “Well, with my rolls, I’ll never get to pick up the darn things anyway!”

This, I think, could bring Relics as a type of Special Object back into more routine gameplay (read: Casual). Special Objects in general can inject elements of fun and thoughtful playing into a casual game–whacking somebody with a Stepladder or having to play carefully around a Shield Disruptor, for instance. I could see the same happening with Relics, as long as everybody agrees to keep it casual and fun. Now that there are multiple chances for a character to pick up a Relic, the object can affect the game for a longer time, and it could pass from hand to hand, like teammates passing a basketball back and forth.

What do you think about this ruling? Do you think it makes Relics more or less playable? (And while we’re at it, how about the other 2014 rulings changes in the linked article?) Leave your thoughts in the comments!

For Further Information

Search Relics on HCRealms‘ Units section by choosing “Special Objects” under “Rank” on the Advanced Search!

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