Glasses Off: 4 Excellent Web Development Sites

Given that I generally blunder around a lot when it comes to backend coding, I often need to refer to others’ web development wisdom–not only to fix my own problems, but to write helpful articles of my own on these Monday posts. Here are four sites I find myself relying on for all this help and more:

From HTML all the way to Ruby on Rails, and every major web programming language in between…this site is invaluable to me!
This site’s MySQL and PHP tutorials are some of the most common-sense tuts I’ve ever read (and that’s a huge compliment!).

Whether you’re developing ASP.NET, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, or a host of other languages, Nettuts probably has a tutorial section for you!

This forum provides a place for all us developers and designers to share ideas, ask questions, and offer help.

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