Today is a Good Day to Write

[Trekkie points for you if you got the Lieutenant Worf reference in the title]

Today’s post is simple but essential for all us writers to understand: any time can be writing time. The planets don’t have to be aligned just right, and the stocks don’t have to be up; it doesn’t matter if all the stuff on your desk is organized just so (unless you’re OCD, in which case it does :P).

My point is, you don’t have to wait for the perfect atmosphere and perfect setup to be able to write. In fact, if you wait for the “perfect time,” you’ll be waiting forever. Don’t hold yourself to just writing on a certain day or at a certain time of day, or just writing in one specific room on one specific desk–take inspiration wherever and whenever it comes.

This is where the old-fashioned portable notepad strategy comes into play, writing down ideas as they come to you. These days, however, the “notepad” could be a smartphone or tablet just as much as good ol’ pen and paper. However you choose to keep track of your ideas for stories, poems, and the like, make sure you note them somewhere and don’t let them float off into the ethers of your mind.

And lastly: when you DO write, think positively about your writing experience. Don’t focus on the drudgery of trying to get to some arbitrary “number of words” goal, and don’t keep thinking about how difficult this particular scene is to write. Think instead about how awesome it is to finally put this scene down in writing, after months of seeing it flash through your head.

Today IS a good day to write. Keep in mind that you’re the creator of this little world on paper (or in a digital file), and you can direct it anywhere, at any time, in any amount of words you choose.

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