You Might Be a Webmaster If…

For a little lightness and humor in today’s Webdesign post, I thought I’d include a Jeff Foxworthy-style list of ways you know you’re a webmaster. See if these aren’t as true for you as they are for me!

You Might Be a Webmaster If…

  • …you instantly know what font a business’s sign uses.
  • …you find yourself admiring the gradient effect of a sunset.
  • …you can type the following code in your sleep: <html><head><title></title><link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”style.css”></head><body></body></html>
  • …you routinely have nightmares about a PHP script that just won’t run right.
  • …you find yourself bracketing your sarcastic comments on the Internet with <sarcasm> and </sarcasm>.
  • …you make the analogy that kudzu is like a Javascript without a </script> ending tag.
  • …you have been known to shout at sluggish uploaders, FTP programs, code editors, and any other program which dares to get in the way of your creation.
  • …you see a bottle of AJAX brand dish soap at the grocery store, and wonder idly what part of the aisle it’s updating.
  • …you have been known to dance around your room upon getting a page to display properly.
  • …you use the Copy and Paste keyboard shortcuts on your computer more than the Spacebar itself.
  • …you often curse the existence of old Internet Explorers (especially version 6).
  • …you have officially broken up with GIFs (especially the animated kind).
  • …you cringe inwardly when someone asks you “Hey can you look at my website and fix it?! I think it’s pretty cool cause I have a lot of colors and tables and I’ve got links all over the place…?!”
  • …you saw this comic at The Oatmeal, and wept for joy that someone else finally understood your last freelance job.

Know any more funny “You Might Be a Webmaster If…” moments? Leave a comment and share your ideas!

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