If you’re looking for a challenging game that is a little bit old-school and a little bit new-school, Kaboom! is for you. Get in the “Kaboom Zone” and you’ll be in the high levels before you know it!

Basic Gameplay

In the game, a spooky pair of eyes in the darkened upstairs window of a house is throwing bombs out the window to the ground below. You have no character onscreen–instead, your mouse cursor controls a well-patched trampoline. With this, you have to protect your ground from the assaulting bombs.

Catch the black bombs with the trampoline and help them bounce their way harmlessly off-screen to the right. If you let a black bomb touch the ground, it will explode and make you lose 1 of your 5 lives.

Sometimes the little guy in the house will toss out one bomb at a time, and sometimes he’ll throw out 3 or 4 in rapid succession. It’s all about how fast you can juggle those bombs with your mouse cursor–there are times when you have to slide your trampoline under the bombs like a baseball player stealing second base!

Now, if a red bomb appears, avoid catching it–the red bombs will hurt you and make you lose 1 of your lives!

Sometimes, the guy throws out colorful letters instead of bombs. Catch these and help them bounce off-screen if you can spare the time–you’ll get an extra life if you completely spell out the word “KABOOM.” If you just can’t catch the letters (as in, you’ve got enough bombs in the air already), don’t worry; the letters don’t make you lose a life if they hit the ground.


  1. I find it easiest to place my cursor in the horizontal center of the game window, and move back and forth as needed.
  2. Don’t look at your “lives left” total, your score, or anything else except for the bombs falling out the window. Let your attention wander and you’ll be sunk!
  3. Sometimes, your trampoline just can’t catch every single bomb; don’t let one failure to catch a bomb distract you from the other bombs on-screen. (It’s a life lesson in handling failures! LOL)
  4. The moment you bounce a black bomb into the air, be ready for another one to fall. Especially when the screen is chock-full of bouncing bombs, you have to stay alert if you don’t want to lose all your lives in one round!
  5. Don’t always dive for the colorful letters. If you have a choice between bouncing a letter and bouncing a bomb, go for catching the bomb every time.
  6. Watch the way the bombs fall. Some will bounce fast once or twice across the screen, and some will bounce slooooowly, taking for-EV-er to cross the screen. Pay closer attention to the slower-bouncing bombs!

Play Kaboom: Kaboom! at FreeOnlineGames.com

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