My Favorite Clix, part 4: Experienced Destiny

One of my favorite Clix pieces of all time is not one that deals a whole lot of damage. In fact, she’s got 0 damage and 0 attack, and only 6 move and 13 defense at her best. But I love Experienced Destiny for two reasons: Probability Control and Super Senses.

Experienced Destiny, #023 out of Xplosion (and also #029 out of Universe). Image Credit:
Experienced Destiny is very much a “one-trick pony” kind of figure–in her case, the “one trick” is being a 23-point free-move Prob piece who’s more trouble to kill than she appears to be.

You wouldn’t think Super Senses and Prob would make Exp Destiny so difficult to defeat; I beg to differ. In many games, both casual and tournament, I’ve seen opponents waste so much time going after Destiny while my other pieces systematically tear their teams to shreds–and they simply can’t hit her very often. Either they hit and she Probs them into a miss, or they hit and she Super-Senses out of it. (And the rare times she does get hit, I usually get her back to a Medic for a quick heal. >:D )

True, she can only move 6 spaces, but those are 6 spaces you won’t have to pay an action for, courtesy of Brotherhood of Mutants’ team ability (free move). And true, she’s only got 13 defense, but she shouldn’t be on your front lines of battle anyway. If positioned well on the battlefield, this little figure can make your Clix life a lot easier–and make your opponent’s Clix life lots more difficult. 🙂

Not only is Exp Destiny pretty easy to fit into a team build, but her cheap point cost and simple abilities also enable her to be part of a “pit crew” strategy. (“Pit crew” pieces are purely team-support characters, usually cheap and featuring Support, Outwit, Perplex, or Prob.) Play Exp Destiny with a Paramedic, a Con Artist, and a Rookie Black Panther, and you’ve got one of the cheapest ways to include every major team-support power on your team.

Now, why do I recommend the Experienced over the Rookie, at 20 points? See the Rookie’s dial, below.

Rookie Destiny, #022 out of Xplosion (and #028 out of Universe). Image Credit:

Simple: for 20 points, you get only 2 clicks of Super Senses and Prob, instead of 3 clicks with the Experienced. Saving the 3 points is a fine choice if your team build requires it, but if you’ve got room for 23 points, definitely upgrade–it’s worth it.

My Personal Recommendation

If you’d like to make the best use of Probability Control as a power, it’s best to use a figure that has Prob almost to the exclusion of anything else. Destiny is a prime example. She’s not meant to be an attacker, nor a defender–she’s meant to facilitate the rest of her team’s attacks, and frustrate the opponent’s attempts to attack. You won’t find a cheaper Prob option who keeps Prob for 75% of her dial length!

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