The Funny To-Do List: Motivate Yourself with Laughter

The following little beauty sits on my computer desktop, courtesy of the Sticky Notes desktop gadget; it contains my to-do list, which I update every time I turn the computer on (about twice a day).

Nothing in the following to-do list is faked; this is my real to-do list from this past Monday morning. I had a deadline–I was rushing to finish my creativity post, so that was top priority. How I drew attention to it, however, is the subject of this post.

Yep, this is pretty much how crazy my to-do list is on a daily basis. I note all the stuff I have to do, but I don’t just list it–I use my creativity and jazz it up a little. I type in emoticons and all caps, make inside jokes with myself, and otherwise write stuff that makes me laugh when I next look at the list.

Sometimes I’ll even include a few mild, funny insults to myself, especially if I’ve been procrastinating on a task that really needs doing (see the Saturday entry at the bottom of the list). Why? Because sometimes you need a kick in the rear to get started on a task, and better it comes from you than someone else, right? LOL

Some might see this as overly childish or time-wasting, but I disagree. Before this, I tried writing a “grownup,” plain to-do list, and guess what? Nothing got done; I felt depressed just looking at it. Nowadays, I try to include as much LOL in my to-do as possible. Mary Poppins was right–a spoonful of sugar DOES help the medicine go down. (Or, in this case, a spoonful of LOL helps the to-do list get done.)

So, if you’re finding yourself stuck on your to-do list with little inspiration to get anything done, you might want to try throwing in a few inside-joke funnies, drawing a silly emoticon face, or prodding yourself along with some anti-procrastination jokes. Who knows? You too might start off your Monday morning with a laugh!

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