Unsolved Philosophical Problems, Huge Techscape, Toddler Frat Party, and WobZip

Unsolved Problems in Philosophy
Bored with the Internet? Nothing to do? How about pondering some of the eternal philosophical questions, handily gathered for you on this Wiki? Topics ranging from art to ethics, from language to mathematics, and beyond. Food for thought, indeed! 😀

HUGE Fantastic Landscape/Techscape
This is just EPIC. Pardon me, I need to pick up my jaw from the basement…

Why Having a Toddler is like Being at a Frat Party
…You may never look at your toddler quite the same way again. (Warning: swallow the mouthful of drink you have before you read this, otherwise it WILL end up all over your monitor screen. LOL!!)

Ever had a compressed file that you couldn’t extract because your computer didn’t recognize the file type? Well, if it’s under 100MB, use WobZip to uncompress it! Supports a lot of the more obscure compressed filetypes out there, too! (Who knew there were compression filetypes beyond .zip? *cough* ignorant Windows user *cough*)

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